Candlewix green candles

The candles are made with soy wax which is non-toxic, natural and virtually soot free (any soot produced comes from the wick). Soy also has a longer burn time at a lower temperature with better fragrance throw and scent retention.
Fragrances include: Blackberry and Basil, Cherry Blossom, Christmas, Citrus Basil, Cut Grass, Dew Drop, Dozen Red Roses, Enchant, Fern and Moss, Fig Royale, Grapefruit, Grenade Spice, Lavender Spice, Lemongrass & Lime, Orange Blossom.

Cannon West Interior Design
Love Candlewix Green Candles

  • Beautifully presented in simple elegant glass jars
  • Long life - Each candle burns for 30 -40 hours
  • Handmade in the traditional way in KENT
  • Non-toxic, all natural because they are made with soy wax
  • 15 fragrances to choose from with unique scents like Dozen Red Roses and Cut Grass.
  • Perfect hostess gifts
  • Fragrance in your own home adds atmosphere

Come to our showroom to choose your favorite fragrance or just order a mixed box of six and try them at home.

To order email Victoria at with your order, name, address and phone number.

The candles are competively priced at £16.00 each or 2 for £30.00 plus £ postage and packing.